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Engage TeachingEarly and Primary Essence

Early Essence Nursery and Pre-Prep School performance trackerEarly and Primary Essence provides paperless, time-saving, online solutions for tracking, assessing and reporting on the learning of children aged 0-11 in Nurseries and Pre-Prep Schools. It drives the delivery of EYFS and provides parents with current developmental information throughout the year.

Early Essence

Early Essence is secure, instant and easy to use. It tracks children’s progress through ages 0-5 and combines all crucial assessment areas into one coherent package including SEN, vulnerability, safeguarding, personalised targets, intervention information and the ability to store historical data. This ensures effective reporting that delivers measurable improvements.

Early Essence School Tracking, Assessment and Reporting Module features include:

  • Record and save evidence instantly including video, photo, audio and pictures using any platform (PC, Mobile phone or tablet).
  • Securely tag evidence to individual or multiple children whilst including the developmental stage they are working at (eg 30 to 50 months).
  • Automatically deliver half-termly or termly reports including an electronic scrapbook of the child’s learning with long and short observations alongside multimedia records.
  • Generate professional reports including booklets showing the children’s learning journeys as they progress through to more formalised learning at Key Stage 1.
  • View reports securely online, print reports and save to a standard format.
  • Multi-lingual capability allowing all members of the community to collectively work towards a child’s development. 
  • Early Essence integrates fully with Engage and with Primary Essence to enable tracking of pupil and student development seamlessly through from 0-18 Years.

Primary Essence

Primary Essence Prep School performance enhancerPrimary Essence provides specialist online child development, tracking and reporting for Prep School children aged 5-11. It combines the crucial areas of EYFS into one coherent solution to drive measureable improvements in early years teaching.

Primary Essence provides a paperless, instant and comprehensive system which integrates all of your previous registers including SEN, Provision Mapping, Behaviour, Progress and Attainment, Safeguarding and Intervention Tracking. It drives outstanding teaching and learning through a meaningful collaboration between teachers, parents, pupils and students.

Primary Essence School Tracking, Assessment and Reporting Module features include:

  • Access to a secure and accessible package for pupil progress.
  • Record evidence in seconds from any platform (laptop, mobile phone or tablet).
  • Generate reports for parents and provide access to an electronic scrapbook.
  • A mobile app and upload facility allowing practitioners to tag their photographic, video and audio observations with levels, comments and subject-specific APP statements. This ensures a continuity of the richly informative evidencing and reporting methods utilised in early years settings.
  • Monitor progress of SEN, vulnerability, safeguarding information.
  • Set personalised learning targets for pupils and students.
  • Monitor progress of the more able and interventions, with historical data storage.
  • Primary Essence integrates fully with Engage and with Early Essence to enable tracking of pupil and student development seamlessly through from 0- 18 Years.
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