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Backing up your school’s data – your essential checklist

back up data symbol of a documents in a lifebuoyCustomer schools whose Engage school management information and finance system products are hosted by Engage can relax, safe in the knowledge that we carry out regular, safe and secure backups of all their data.

For schools that choose not to be hosted by Engage, or for that matter if you have other data that you rely on, it is absolutely essential that regular backups are carried out.

For the security of your data and for peace of mind, your school must:

  • Carry out very regular back ups. Avoid backing up on the same machine that the data is held on.
  • Backup the correct data on all the Engage products your school uses. If in doubt, raise a Case in the Support Centre for advice on what to back up.
  • If your school uses an external IT supplier, do not assume that regular backups of everything are being carried out – check.
  • If your school utilises more than one Engage product, ensure that they are all backed up in the same timeframe. Backing up on different days, for example, will result in your data not being in sync.
  • Consider doing an additional backup before carrying out a particularly important function or rollover, such as at the academic year end or financial year rollover.
  • Remember that if your school’s Engage system is not hosted by Engage, the secure backing up of data is the school’s responsibility.  

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