Engage school management information system

Engage by Double First school MIS

Engage Teaching management information system for schoolsThe Engage Teaching package has been designed to deliver excellent support for teachers of independent and international schools.

Engage Teaching features include Curriculum Planning, Attendance Register, Timetabling and Behaviour Tracking functionality, plus the flexibility of access to critical data anytime, anywhere via a secure online Teacher Portal. Teaching staff also benefit from a comprehensive Assessments feature and Performance Tracking tool, enabling teachers to benchmark pupil and student performance.

Additional Engage functionality can be specified through the purchase of the SEN (Special Educational Needs) module, an Extra-Curricular Activities module, our Learning Management System and the Engage Analytics dashboard.

 Engage Teaching features

  • Curriculum management
  • Attendance register and monitoring
  • Online Teacher Portal
  • Behaviour monitoring
  • Assessments and Performance Tracking
  • Manual Timetable system

Engage Teaching enhancements

  • Learning Management System
  • Engage Analytics
  • Extra-Curricular Activity booking tool
  • Special Educational Needs module
  • Integrated Timetable
  • Exams and Exam Seating
  • Links to third party software including Firefly, Frog, GroupCall and Keith Johnson’s Timetabler

Engage TeachingnewActivities

extra curricula activity planning module for schoolsActivities is a fully-fledged module that has been designed to enable schools to manage a broad range of extra-curricular lessons, clubs, sports and other events.

It offers full integration with other Engage modules - including Assessments, Attendance, Curriculum, Room Booking and Timetable. Activity attendance can be marked and assessments recorded.

Extra-Curricula Activities — read more


Double First Engage education management information system Attendance ModuleAttendance enables a school to record, report and monitor pupil and student attendance and absence. Registers can be set for classes, form groups and school trips.

Fully integrated with the Teacher Portal.

Attendance — read more

Engage Teaching Curriculum

Double First Engage MIS CurriculumCurriculum enables the school to manage its whole subject range, assigning rooms and teachers to specific subjects and creating different sets and divisions within each subject.

Curriculum — read more

newPerformance Tracking

Double First Engage education management information system Performance Tracking ModulePerformance Tracking in Double First Engage boosts academic performance by enabling accurate monitoring of each pupil’s achievements through one simple process.

Performance can be compared against previous academic years and also against national standards and school-defined targets.

Performance Tracking — read more

newEngage TeachingSchool App – Parent

school management information system mobile app for Engage ParentsThe Engage School App significantly improves the flow of information between parents and the school. It enables quick and secure access to vital information such as timetabling, school notices, current fee balance and student reports. 

Simple features such as click-to-call and click-to-email through the App speed up contact between the school and parents. Push notification ensures that parents have no reason to miss critical school messages, even when on the move. 

School Parent App — read more

Engage TeachingSpecial Educational Needs (SEN)

Double First Engage education management information system Special Education Needs ModuleThis module provides the necessary tools to manage a school’s Special Educational Needs (SEN) programme.

It includes two forms of additional support registers, including Individual Education Plans (IEPs) that allow a teacher to set specific goals and targets for each pupil or student.

Special Educational Needs — read more

Engage TeachingTimetable

Double First Engage Timetable ModuleThe Timetable Module is a comprehensive creation, planning and staff cover tool, able to manage down to individual pupil, staff member and room level.

Timetable can handle multiple timetables and integrate with other software.

Timetable — read more


Double First Engage education management information system Assessment ModuleAssessments enables teachers, tutors, form heads and school heads to write and view comments and reports on pupils and students.

It also enables the school to create and modify marksheets, internal activities and homework.

Assessments module — read more


Double First Engage education management information system Behaviour ModuleBehaviour enables teachers to record any incident involving any pupil or student, including achievements, discipline and medical notifications.

Teachers can also add further details to attendance and
non-attendance notes.

Behaviour — read more

newEngage TeachingExaminations with Exam Seat Planning

Double First Engage Exams ModuleThe Examinations Module provides the Examination Officer with quick and easy management of the examination process from creation of candidates through to production of candidate result slips. 

And now, from mid 2015 you can also plan your Exam Seating in custom isable room designs, plus much more.

Examinations — read more

Engage TeachingLearning Management System

Double First Engage Remote Access Pupil PortalThe Learning Management System adds a managed learning environment to Engage by facilitating the ability to view essential information and interact remotely. Customisation options attract each pupil or student to engage fully with the school, whether on campus or located offsite.

Pupil and Student Portal — read more

Engage TeachingSchool Room Booking

Double First Engage online school room booking pluginThe School Room Booking plugin features a suite of tools to find free rooms on a timetable that is dynamically updated with all information including academic classes. The user can select and secure vacant periods for their use. Fully configurable user permissions dictate who can view and edit the School Room Booking tools.

School Room Booking — read more

newStaff Portal

Double First Engage Teacher PortalThe Staff Portal enables access to key pupil and school information for teachers, headmasters and senior academic staff on web browsing enabled computers and mobile devices, from any location including the school or home.

Staff Portal — read more

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